Christmas is near and so are holidays. It is the time now you serve as hosts for family and friends and also be the guests. This calls out for decoration of your home inside out and need for buying gift items. This season give your place a traditional yet modern look with home décor items from Jodhpur Designs.Following are a few home décor traditional pieces that will surely serve the purpose this season:

Wine Box:Wine is the glitter to the festivity and this year with the bottles this uniquely designed wooden wine box makes the perfect Christmas gift.

Bajot Tables:Slightly deviating from the dinner table culture, Traditional Bajot Tables give you the ease of dining wherever you want in the house. Portability and size are its two main features which attracts most people as the new dining table alternative.

Candle Stands:Lightening the surroundings with candles is a common thing we do each Festive season but with the variety of designer handcrafted candle stands it will be a whole new experience and your candles will stand still till they melt.

Iron Hangers:Variety of hangersfor coats, jackets, cardigans are available at Jodhpur Designs which are designer and radiant..

Spice Drawers:Holiday season is all about food, for all the recipes spices are the main ingredient. Keeping them organized and in one place helps the processing faster. At Jodhpur Designs there is a wide range of spice drawers which give your kitchen a decorative look too.

At Jodhpur Designs you’ll find a diverse range of traditional and industrial handcrafted furniture and home décor which you can look upo both online and JD Store, Sydney.